G7 is a revolution in printing quality and consistency. Developed by the IDEAlliance and the GRACOL Committee, G7 is named for its gray scale calibration technique and the 7 ISO ink colors it requires. The G7 proof-to-print process is based on the principles of digital imaging, spectrophotometry, and computer-to-plate technologies to achieve a visual match between proofing and printing methods.

Printers who are G7 have to prove that they can match proof, plates, and press sheets. G7 is an improved method for matching color across multiple devices — it is all about calibrating printing presses and proofing systems with the goal of repeatable, consistent color and images from proof to press, press to press, and even facility to facility. You can be more confident that the vibrant colors on your printed piece will visually match, regardless of which press is used for which substrate it is printed on.

Benefits of Using a G7 Master Printer
• Improve print quality and consistency throughout the run.
• Reduce costs and faster turn-around times.
• Print predictability: colors appearing in your proofs will match the final output colors.
• We can measure color bars with hand-held Spectrodensitometers to insure it is in the correct color range.

To learn more about G7 you can visit the IDEAlliance website, www.idealliance.org.